What Is Senior Independent Living?

by Jennifer Mackin

Senior independent living refers to housing communities for senior citizens between the ages of 55 and 65. People who live in these housing communities are normally healthy and need minimal medical help.


Retirement homes, retirement centers and senior apartments are other terms used for independent living.


Independent living communities are apartments, cottages or condominiums that give you the freedom to come and go as you please. Another bonus to independent living is that the communities are strictly set up for senior citizens, so you are surrounded by people of the same age. Most independent living communities offer programs for you to participate in, like shopping and golfing trips. Depending on the independent living community, you can enjoy full meal plans and someone to clean your house or landscape your yard.

Different Than Nursing Homes

A nursing home or assisted living facility is set up like a hospital room with around-the-clock medical care. These living areas are for senior citizens who need constant care and cannot function on their own. While independent living areas may have a nurse on staff that can help with small medical needs, they are not equipped to handle residents who need excessive medical attention.

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