Romantic New Year's Eve Ideas for Couples

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New Year's Eve is a romantic occasion for couples, a time to cherish their years together as well as plan their futures. Since the holiday marks the beginning of a new year, find a memorable way to get that future started. Put some thought into finding an unusual way to express your feelings to that important person in your life.

Message In a Balloon

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Set the mood with a message in a balloon. Write a love note expressing your heart's desire and roll the note up into a thin scroll so that it fits inside a balloon. Buy a bouquet of red roses with red balloons and open the neck of one of the balloons so you can slip your love note inside. Enjoy a romantic dinner together on New Year's Eve and see how long it takes for your partner to notice the note inside the balloon.

If your budget allows, slip a new piece of jewelry inside the balloon as well. This is a creative way to deliver a romantic message to the person you love.

Spell Her Name With Rose Petals

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Reserve a room at your favorite resort for New Year's Eve. Prepare the room before you take your partner there. Spell her name on the bed with with rose petals, or write her a note using them. Don't just use the words "I love you"–this is too generic. Make it specific to her. Fill the room with romantic additions such as chocolate-covered strawberries and champagne.

Make a Custom CD

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Another romantic idea is to make CD for your partner. Include all his favorite songs along with a few of your own. Gather your favorite photo of the two of you and write a love poem. If you can't make one yourself, go to a print shop and have them print a cover for the CD that includes your picture on the front and the poem on the back.