Calories in Sweet Potato Soup

by Susan Lundman

Sweet potatoes make a flavorful and healthy soup.

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With plenty of vitamins and minerals -- and a high amount of fiber -- sweet potato soup provides a healthy and satisfying dinner on cool fall or winter evenings. Serve it with a green salad tossed with your favorite vegetables and crusty bread spread with roasted garlic instead of butter.

Basic Soup

Make a 2-cup serving of soup by blending together 1 medium boiled sweet potato, at 115 calories; 1 cup of 1 percent milk, at 118 calories; and 1 cup chicken broth, at 38 calories. The total calorie count is 271.


The 115 calories in 1 medium sweet potato come from 4.49 g of protein, 0.46 g of fat, 8.2 g of fiber, 18.8 g of sugar and 17.12 g of starch.

Adding Other Ingredients

Using heavy cream for a soup increases the taste appeal, but also adds calories. A 2-cup serving of soup made with both sweet potatoes and white potatoes, cooked with chicken broth and a splash of whipping cream, contains 373 calories.

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