Removing Plantar Warts


0:00 this is dr. Loretta Stalder a

0:02 board-certified dermatologist and author

0:05 of six weeks two sensational skin in

0:08 this clip I'm going to discuss how to

0:11 remove plantar warts first of all

0:14 remember that a wart is something that

0:16 appears as a growth usually a little

0:18 bump on the skin I happen to have a wart

0:21 on my finger and if you can see it it's

0:23 just a little bump on the skin but when

0:25 we're talking about a plantar wart this

0:27 is always something that's located on

0:28 the sole of our foot and you need to

0:31 remember that you're seeing the bump on

0:33 the sole but that the root of the wart

0:35 is growing like an ice cream cone inward

0:37 so the first thing if you'd like to try

0:40 to remove a plantar wart at home is to

0:43 consider going to the drugstore and

0:46 asking for 40% salicylic acid plaster

0:50 you're going to get this from the

0:52 drugstore it's gonna come as a payout of

0:54 plaster and you basically just take a

0:57 scissor and cut that little plaster to

0:59 the size of your wart

1:01 so you're usually going to be left with

1:03 a little piece of plaster that'd be

1:05 about this big you're going to put it on

1:07 the wore it over the wart and for

1:09 argument's sake we'll use my finger

1:11 instead of my foot you're gonna put it

1:13 on that wart

1:14 before you go to sleep at night so the

1:16 plaster is gonna be a little pad that

1:18 you cut to the size of the wart it's

1:20 gonna be helpful to put a tape over the

1:22 pad and sleep in it in the morning take

1:25 it off each night the war it will just

1:27 be eaten away by the plaster and good

1:30 luck