Places to Throw a Girl's Birthday Party

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The location of a girl's birthday party often dictates the type of activities and decorations that the guests will enjoy. Consider the interests of the birthday girl when selecting the location for her birthday party. The ages of the guests and the party budget also contribute to the location selection for the birthday party. Many children's entertainment venues offer party rooms and birthday packages.

Pottery Studio

Consider a pottery studio that allows guests to paint pottery. Check with the pottery studio to determine if it has a party room for the birthday girl and her friends. Pottery studios generally charge a sitting fee plus the cost of the pottery piece. If you plan to pay all of the pottery expenses, consider limiting the guests to one or two pottery piece choices each to control the costs. Ask if the pottery studio offers a special discount for parties and if it allows outside food or birthday cakes on the premises.


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Move the birthday party to a spa. Find a local spa that can accommodate a group of young girls, in terms of both physical space and available spa treatments for girls. Limit the guest list to keep the budget down. Select a spa treatment that the party guests can enjoy together. Take the girls out for a light birthday lunch before or after the treatment. Or, to save on the birthday party budget, create your own spa party at home for the birthday guests.

Indoor Play Area

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Find an indoor play area that appeals to the birthday girl's interests. Indoor play areas vary in their entertainment options. They may offer inflatable bounce houses, video games and arcade games. Ask if a party room is available, and check on the food and decoration policies. Many indoor play areas restrict outside food and limit the types of decorations you may use in the party room.


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Hold a girl's birthday party at a local tearoom. Check with the tearoom to ensure it is an appropriate location for the ages of your party guests. Ask if you can rent out the tearoom or a section of it for the birthday party. Choose meal options from the menu that are appropriate to the ages of the guests. Indicate on the invitations that the girls should dress up for the tea party to add an authentic feel.


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Consider a home birthday party if the budget is limited. Choose a theme based on the birthday girl's interests and hobbies. Decorate the area with theme-related items and plan entertainment options that fit the theme. A home birthday party alleviates the food and decoration restrictions that many party venues place on guests.