Places to Have Engagement Parties

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An engagement party is the perfect way to celebrate a couple's engagement and kick off the wedding festivities with family and friends. Depending on the amount of people that will be invited, the couple might plan a formal or informal party to celebrate the engagement. When choosing an engagement party venue, it's best to consider price, availability and whether or not you need permission to have the party in a specific location.

At Home

The bride's family might wish to host a party for her in their home. A more modern bride might hold the party herself at her home if the group is small enough and her living space allows it. This is perfect for an intimate gathering of family and friends.

Indoor Venues

Restaurants and catering halls are also popular places to hold an engagement party. The seating, food and drink can be organized in advance, and you can decorate in your chosen wedding colors or have a different theme entirely. For example, an Italian couple may wish to serve a traditional Italian meal to capture the experience of being in Italy. Other locations include historic buildings and museums, which might be of particular significance to the couple.

Outdoor Venues

Depending on the season, outdoor venues include the beach for a cookout or hula party, or an elegant garden with picnic-style food. Or, for a more casual feel, you can hold the event in your own back yard and serve barbecue. River and lakefront locations, as well as catering halls that offer such amenities, would also be a good choice, since the party could move indoors if the weather is not idea. Other locations include historic gardens, rooftop gardens in hotels, the local park, and national parks and reserves, provided that you request and obtain the appropriate permits well in advance of the proposed date of the engagement party. Whichever outdoor venue is chosen should reflect the tastes and interests of the couple.

Destination Engagement Parties

Some couples may choose to gather up their closest friends and go out of town for an engagement party. You can arrange a formal party to be planned in such places like Las Vegas, Caribbean destinations and even on-board a cruise ship, depending on people's budgets and schedules. A weekend at the beach, in a bed and breakfast or at a hotel near a scenic spot are also good venues for an engagement party, depending on the number of guests involved.