Places to Have a Sweet 16 in the Bronx, New York

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A sweet 16 party is an opportunity for a young person to celebrate a milestone in her coming of age. The parties can be small and relatively casual or lavish formal affairs catering for hundreds of friends and family members. Whatever your budget, there is a range of possible venues in the Bronx to host a successful sweet 16.

Small Budget

If you're on a tight budget, investigate venues like R&J Banquet Hall, which can accommodate up to 200 people for a party lasting between three and five hours at a rate of $1,100, as of May 2011. The venue can also provide catering from $20 per person or you can hire your own choice of caterer. This venue is owned and managed by a church and there are many similar venues available. Alternatively, look into recreational clubrooms belonging to organizations like Italian-American societies or war veterans’ posts.

Medium Budget

For those seeking a moderately priced venue, consider catering halls like Villa Barone Manor and Eastwood Manor. Villa Barone has three rooms to choose from, catering for up to 700 people, and offers a range of catering options between $70 and $100 per person. Similarly, Eastwood Manor can cater for 700 with a variety of menus including Italian, Spanish and Caribbean cuisine. Both venues also provide a party organizer who will accommodate additional requests regarding your party.

Large Budget

For a more lavish affair, you might want to employ the services of the Marina del Rey or Abigail Kirsch at the New York Botanical Garden. Marina del Rey is a seaside villa with views of the Manhattan skyline. It has a capacity of up to 850 and the in-house party planner will help you to organize every detail of your party. The cost of a party at Marina del Rey starts at $85 per person. The Abigail Kirsch is rated New York's finest based on Zagat customer surveys and offers catering at two exclusive venues at the New York Botanical Garden for up 350 people starting at $120 per person.

Further Afield

There is a range of other venue options available a short distance out of the Bronx, still suitable for varying budgets. The Renaissance at Long Island City caters for up to 290 people at costs from $41 per person. 490 Riverside on the Upper West Side can cater up to 600 at between $101 and $150 per person. Alternatively, for something completely different, Cloud 9 Marine Enterprises will take your party on to the water in a private boat for 150 people costing from $100 per person.