Places to Have a Birthday Party for 4 Year Old Kids

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When a child turns 4, he is beginning to observe his world, discover his role in the world and explore everything. At this age, children definitely begin to understand what it means to have a birthday and, thus, a birthday party. Several places will work for a 4-year-old's birthday party that will be a hit not only with guests but with their parents.

Chuck E. Cheese

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One place all 4-year-olds love is Chuck E. Cheese. This establishment features numerous games and hands-on activities for children. The games usually take just one token and are easy enough for the youngest of party-goers. The tokens cost 25 cents each, but either purchasing a party package or buying more than 20 tokens will get you a big discount. Once the children are done playing a game, they will receive tickets that can be exchanged for toys and prizes. In addition, Chuck E. Cheese offers birthday party planning, so you can have a party that includes invitations, food, cake, goody bags, balloons and more. This location is a high-energy, loud, happy place that children just love.

Children's Gyms

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Another great option for a 4-year-old birthday party is to hold it at a children's gym, for instance, the Little Gym, My Gym and Gymboree. These establishments feature age-appropriate physical activities, including but not limited to gymnastics, trampoline activities and indoor playground equipment. In addition, these venues offer birthday party packages, so everything from invitations to food is included in the party.


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Businesses offering the use of inflatable rides are great birthday locations for a 4-year-old. For instance, Pump It Up is a franchise with a large warehouse-like environment, filled with huge inflatable rides, including slides, obstacle courses, and basketball courts. In addition, parties are a specialty and the booking include everything you need to throw your child's birthday party. These locations are dynamic and geared toward children.