Picking a Mother-of-the-Bride Dress for a Slim Mother

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Watching your daughter walk down the aisle will be one of the most memorable moments of your life. While it's your daughter's day to shine, as the mother of the bride, you will also be getting loads of attention and having your photo taken with your entire family. During all the excitement, the last thing you want to be worried about is your outfit. By planning early, consulting with your daughter, and knowing what works for your body, you can celebrate your daughter's next chapter in style.


Whether or not to match the bridesmaid's dresses is usually one of the first things mothers question when choosing a dress for their daughter's wedding. Unless the bride is going for a very matchy theme, you needn't worry about matching the other ladies. If you are having a hard time picking a color, you can use the bridesmaid's dresses as a starting point. For example, if they are wearing light blue, you can complement them but still stand out by wearing navy. If you still are unsure, ask your daughter what she'd prefer. As a general rule, no one should wear white but the bride and very bright colors might be too attention grabbing in the wedding photos. While black used to be seen as a somber color, it's now perfectly acceptable to pull out a little black dress for an evening wedding.


Women who are slim are lucky in the sense that they can wear a variety of dress styles, but even slim women should take their body shape and height into account. Petite ladies should steer clear of too many ruffles, bows, or other dress decorations as these overwhelm small frames. Instead, if you're petite, stick with soft, flowy fabrics. Knee-length dresses with a lower neckline are another good option because they can add height to your frame. Tall, thin women can pull out all the stops in terms of wearing a bold gown with beading, structured bows, or a large pattern. Busty ladies can show off a tasteful amount of skin while getting the support they need from a one-shouldered dress, while athletic body types can fake those curves by donning a frock with a feminine cowl neck and an A-line skirt.

Dress for the Occasion

The right dress for a beach wedding is not the right dress for a formal, evening affair. It's important that your dress match the formality of the event. Daytime ceremonies in the spring or summer are the perfect occasion to sport a pretty floral frock in light chiffon, while cocktail attire will look stunning on the dance floor for a more formal evening reception. For very formal weddings, choose a floor length gown. If it's cold, a matching jacket or stole will look chic and keep you warm.

Proper Fit

No matter how expensive and fancy your dress is, it won't look right if it doesn't fit properly. To ensure the best fit, try to order your dress a few months in advance so you can take it to a tailor and have it custom fitted. If you're in between sizes, buy the larger size and have it tailored down to your correct size. Since you'll likely be wearing this dress all day and into the evening, tailoring the dress to fit you perfectly will ensure that you'll be comfortable from morning through the final dance.