Newly Married Gifts

by Elise Wile

When your best friend got married, you knew the couple would be delighted with a new set of luggage for their honeymoon to Bora Bora. Coming up with the perfect gift for the wedding of your boss's daughter, however, isn't quite as easy. Fortunately, you have lots of choices. Whether you choose to follow tradition or go out on a creative limb, you're sure to locate just the right thing for the occasion.

Registry Gifts

According to, almost 85 percent of brides prefer that guests select a gift from the wedding registry. Because 98 percent of brides have a registry, this is a sure way to select a gift that will be appreciated - if not necessarily remembered for its originality. Many couples have more than one registry list. If you're not sure how to access it, simply ask the bride or groom or a mutual friend where they are registered.

Experience Gifts

Sometimes a newly married couple doesn't know they want a gift until they receive it. This can be the case with experience gifts. Consider giving the newlyweds a card letting them know you've paid for a couple of nights at a local bed and breakfast so they can enjoy a relaxing weekend together after the wedding fuss has died down. If the couple enjoys a night out on the town, a few weeks of dancing lessons might help them get into the swing of things. A gift certificate to a nice restaurant will encourage the couple to make time for a date night.

Practical Gifts

A new bride interviewed by noted that her favorite wedding present was an indoor composter. Because she likes to garden, this gift made her happier than a soup tureen might have. A tool kit, vacuum cleaner or nice stainless steel garbage can for the kitchen are all gifts that are often appreciated. The gift need not be physical - purchasing a year's worth of pest control for the couple's new home or a month of yard service can help a couple get settled in and give them one less thing to worry about.

Risky Gifts

Some of the most special wedding gifts can be the most risky. Take artwork, for example. It can be one of the most treasured gifts a couple receives, or viewed as a hideous monstrosity that will be tucked away in a closet. The same applies to almost any houseware not listed on the couple's registry. On the other hand, the hand-embroidered pillow cases could bring tears to their eyes and be cherished for years.

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