Most Popular Bridal Shower Gifts

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The bridal shower is a traditional pre-wedding event consisting of close female friends and family of the bride and groom showering the bride with presents. The idea is that these gifts will help her start her new home and life as a married woman. Most couples today register for gifts for their wedding, and guests often buy items from these lists as a shower present; however, there are several other popular shower gifts for a bride-to-be.


Get her some lingerie to wear for her man on the honeymoon (and after). Ask for her sizes from a close friend or her female relatives so you get something that will fit. Body lotions, body glitter and sensual massage oils are also fun gifts to fill a bridal shower gift bag. Do remember though that the gift will be opened in the presence of grandmothers, older relatives and co-workers so you might think twice and go with a more traditional option.

Registry Items

Many couples register for gifts. Kitchen items, including dish towels, pots and pans and other incidentals are always a welcome shower gift, especially if the bride is getting out on her own for the first time. Other household items such as bathroom decor, furnishings and decorative items are also popular gifts. The best way to choose kitchen and household items for a bride is to choose items off the registry so she gets what she would really like and doesn't end up with three toasters.

Handmade Keepsakes

Handmade blankets, photo albums and keepsake boxes are great gift choices. If you're handy with woodworking you might considering creating a jewelry box or hope chest for the couple to house their precious things. A homemade blanket with the bride and groom's initials or monogram is a sweet gift as well that they can throw across their bed. If you're close to the bride a photo album of her growing up, the couple together or other special memories would be a great idea.

Picture Frames

Wedding photo frames and honeymoon picture frames are popular choices. Give the bride and groom something special to hold their precious memories. Silver, china and porcelain are common choices for frames. If you know where they'll be honeymooning you can try to find a frame for that specific area so they have a special frame just for their honeymoon photos.