How to Meet Friends in Arizona

by Aletha Reil
You can meet new friends in Arizona that share common interests.

You can meet new friends in Arizona that share common interests.

Whether you just moved to the state of Arizona and do not know a soul, or you have been living there a while and you want to expand your circle, you will need to make friends. Meeting friends is never the easiest thing to do, but there are different ways that you can get yourself out there and involved and establish friendships. There are simple ways to make friends in Arizona with similar interests, values and preferences.

Make Friends in Arizona With Similar Interests

Find a meet-up group. Visit meetup.com and enter your city and postal code.

Peruse the listed groups. Meetup.com has different groups that will suit all interests, such as dancing groups, financial groups, knitting groups, weight loss groups, fitness groups, photography groups and many others.

Click on the group that you are interested in joining. You will then be directed to the group's page where you can read details about the group's activities, see when the next meeting is scheduled for, and contact the group's leader.

Join a group. Read the information on the group page about how to join the group. Some groups require that you send an e-mail to the creator of the group, while others instruct that you join via Facebook.

Attend the group meeting. Be open and friendly and get to know the people in the group. You will automatically have something in common with everyone if you choose the group based on your interest, so you are bound to make some friends in the group.

Make Friends in Arizona With Similar Religious Values

Find a church in your area that suits your religious preference. Attend the church on a Sunday to determine if you like it. Joining a church is a way to meet friends who share the same values and religious preferences as you.

Visit the church's website and look for a link that reads "Get Connected", "Get Involved", or "Church Ministries."

Click on the appropriate link and look at the different groups available. Most churches offer men's groups, women's groups, college-age groups, and singles groups. Choose the one that suits you best.

Click on the group that best represents your age and preference, or look for a life group, also known as a home group, which is typically multi-generational and composed of both men and women. These groups usually meet during the week at someone's home.

Read about when the group meets and then attend the next function.

Make Friends in Arizona Through Newspaper Personal Ads

Visit the website of your local Arizona newspaper, or pick up an actual copy of the paper.

Open up the link or the page for the personals, which is usually located with or near the classifieds.

View the ads listed under "friendship" and choose one that interests you.

Contact the individual in your chosen ad as directed.

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