MASH-Themed Party Ideas

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MASH, a 1970's dark comedy film directed by Robert Altman, was based on Richard Hooker's book, "MASH: A Novel About Three Army Doctors." In 1972, a television spin-off began, which ran for 11 years to become one of the highest-rated television shows of all time. "MASH" stands for Mobile Army Surgical Hospital; the movie is based on the 8055 MASH Unit of the Korean War. For a MASH-themed party, use medical and military themes from the early 1950s. Invite your guests to come wearing surgical scrubs, nurses uniforms or Army apparel.

Invitations and Favors

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When crafting the invitations to your MASH bash, use paper and font choices to make it look like an old-time Army telegram. Alternatively, use the image of a red cross on a white background, such as those on a first-aid kit. For party favors, order dog tags to customize to your party theme. Make goodie bags that look like first-aid kits, but, instead of medical supplies, fill them with gourmet snacks and treats. Give party guests a paperback copy of the novel that MASH was based upon.

Decor and Music

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For your MASH-themed party, use tents from a local party supply rental business. Set up a mess hall tent for food and drinks and a barracks tent for comfortable chairs and poker tables. Card games were a big part of the MASH TV show. For your color scheme, think Army-green, khaki and black. When you're selecting music, remember that MASH takes place during the Korean war, which makes a playlist of artists from the early '50s appropriate, such as Perry Como, Rosemary Clooney, Tony Bennett, Eartha Kitt and Eddie Fisher.

Food and Drink

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The MASH television show featured three prominent food and drink menu items: Spam, vodka and grape soda. Serve cheeseburgers topped with slices of Spam, vodka martinis and bottles of grape soda. Since MASH takes place in Korea, serve Korean barbecue out of your mess hall on cafeteria trays. Set up a buffet line for your doctors, nurses and soldiers to get their grub.

Entertainment and Activities

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Show both the movie and television show on a large-screen TV set up in the corner. Put together bingo cards with words, images and themes from the movie or show, such as choppers, martinis and playing cards; hand out small prizes to the guests who hit bingo. Alternately, play MASH-up by printing two copies each of 10 characters' pictures. Glue each picture to cardboard, and cut each picture into four strips at the hairline, eyes, nose and mouth. Place one of each character's pieces into two bags, and mix up the parts. Split your party guests into two teams. The first team to assemble all of the characters correctly wins and gets to be first in the buffet line, or any other prize you can think of.

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