How to Make a Photo Calendar

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Make a Photo Calendar

Make a Photo Calendar

In the age of digital cameras, so many of us have hundreds of pictures that rarely make an appearance off our computers. A great idea is to take 12 of your favorites and put them into a photo calendar. It makes a great Christmas gift and a wonderful reminder of family fun. Plus it's easily customizable and relatively inexpensive, so everyone in the family can make their own.

Pick your site. Lots of different photo services are offering this type of photo project now. If you're looking for more cost-effective options, try the Wal-Mart and CVS websites. For more customizable projects, head to photo-only sites such as Shutterfly. See the Resources section for links below.

Pick a color theme. Every site offers a set of page prints, photo borders, typeface and colors. If you're focusing on your baby or child, you can often find cute themes to go along with your photos. Choose the look and layout of the calendar as part of this step. Point and click and play around with themes and layouts until you find one that you like.

Pick a photo theme. It's tough to continually upload from different albums on these sites, so take some time out and go through your photos. Pick your 12 favorites that you want to put into the calendar and put them into their own folder. The best calendars have an overall idea--"Baby's First Year," month or season appropriate snapshots, or pictures from a family reunion.

Upload. Most sites employ really easy uploaders, especially if your pictures are all in one folder, as you did in the last step. It's as easy as point and click.

Arrange. Put the photos into the order you'd like to see them, choosing a picture for each month.

Finalize. Do a once over, flip through everything to make sure it's perfect, and enter your shipping and payment details. Most sites will get you the calendar inside of a week.

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