List of Fun Senior Citizen Activities

by Jamie Poteat

Getting old does not prevent one from having fun. There are several activities a senior citizen can do with little or no effort to be creative and have fun. Crafts and hobbies can help keep memories sharp. Activities for seniors will also keep them in contact with friends and maintain a social life in the outside world. Keeping busy with set dates for activities will avoid boredom. It will keep seniors busy and it is healthy for the mind, body and spirit.


Set one day a week aside to go play bingo. In most communities the local VFW holds a bingo night. You get multiple chances to win with prices that range from $150 to $750 per game. It will get you out the house for a couple of hours for an evening of fun.

Unwanted Clothes Collection

Get together with several friends. Everyone bring their unwanted clothes. Go through everyone else's clothes and take what you like. This is a cheap way to get clothes and discard unwanted items. It saves you from shopping and gets all the friends together. If clothes are left over, donate them to a local charity, or save them for the next get-together.

Photograph Fun

Get some friends together for an afternoon. Everyone bring one old picture of themselves. Take the photo and cut it up into about 10 to 15 pieces. Place it in a resealable bag to keep the pieces together and separate from the other pictures. Place all the bags together in a large bowl or in the center of the table. Everyone grab a bag and put the picture puzzle pieces together. Once put together try and guess who the picture is of. When you're done you can do it all over again.


Take a walk down memory lane by going through old pictures. This will also help organize pictures. Make a scrapbook and give it as a gift to friends or family. Scrapbooking supplies are inexpensive and can be purchased at most retail stores.


Once a week go out dancing. Dancing is great way to help stay fit. It gets you up on your feet and it also fun. Go line dancing or even tap dancing. Its a great way to get the circulation flowing in the body.

Jewelry Making

Making jewelry can be fun for anyone. Simply place beads and jewels on a string. Make necklaces and bracelets even earrings. Give handmade jewelry as a gift or to sale. You can buy the items needed for jewelry making at almost every retail store.


Once a week grab some friends and go to the movies. This can be inexpensive. Most movie theaters offer matinee movies at half price on Wednesday and Sundays. Even try the drive-in. The drive-in is a great way to spend time with friends and family and still enjoy the fresh air.


Make quilts for friends and or family. It is a great gift that will last years to come. Give them out as birthday or Christmas presents. You can even donate them to a homeless shelter when they are much needed.

Hunting or Fishing

Many people say hunting and fishing are very relaxing. You must have patience for you might not catch any fish or even see a deer. The appeal is often more bragging rights, to talk about when the big one got away. This is a great way to spend time with grandchildren. It gives them something to pass on to their children.

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