List for Things You Need for a Child's Birthday

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From the decorations, food and venue, a lot is involved in planning your child’s birthday. Good planning will ensure that the party is a success and that your child has a birthday to remember. Make a checklist before the party, and check off each item as you complete each task. But first, set the theme of your party, and the rest will follow.


Decide where the party will take place. If the party will take place in your backyard, you will need to work out how you will supply power for the music, and you'll need to make sure that running cables will not cause a hazard. If you are renting a venue, you will need to budget and ensure that it is close enough for your guests to travel to. Save money by having the party at home, remove some of the furniture or valuable vases to make room and to avoid any nasty accidents.


Invitations are a must-have. They inform the guests of all the necessary details, such as the time, date, location and RSVP method. If the party has a theme or dress code, such as princess or pirate costumes, put this information on the invitation. Give clear instructions of how guests should RSVP by telephoning or returning a reply card. Once you know how many guests are attending, it will be easier to work out how much food you need.

Food Ideas

Children have lots of energy and will need to refuel after playing all those party games. Provide traditional party foods, such as sandwiches, jelly and ice-cream. Make several vegetarian sandwiches for children who may have special dietary requirements. Add edible glitter to food, such as cupcakes, to delight the children.


Make your party a feast for the eyes as well as the mouth by decorating the room in streamers, balloons and banners. Mini-disco lights will be fun for young children as they try to follow them around on the floor. Also, a small bubble machine that blows out bubbles will be magical for young children. Try shopping at discount stores for cheap decorations, and stick to your budget to avoid getting carried away.


Children often have short attention-spans and can get bored quickly. Make a list of games that you intend for the children to play, so that if the event gets hectic, you can refer to your list. "Musical Chairs" and "Follow the Leader" are all exciting party games for children. Alternatively, you may wish to hire a clown or magician to give the parents a chance to relax and eat a sandwich, too.