Limo Bus Bachelorette Party Ideas

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A bachelorette party is usually the bride-to-be's last fun-filled evening as a single woman, and is most often celebrated with members of her bridal party, close friends and family. Traveling together as a group in a rented limo bus keeps the party together as they move from one location to another, and allows party guests to enjoy the festivities without worrying about driving while tired or under the influence. Playing games on the bus can break the ice and get the party started, as well as get guests acquainted with one another.

Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare is a classic childhood game that can also be played by adults. Partygoers take turns asking each other "Truth or Dare?" The player chooses either a "Truth," where she is asked a question and must answer it honestly, or a "Dare," where she must perform a silly stunt. Truth questions can range from mild, such as "Have you ever gotten a speeding ticket?" to wild, such as "Have you ever had sex outdoors?" Dares can range from serenading a stranger stopped at a traffic light to switching clothes with another guest.

Scavenger Hunt

Have bachelorette party members search for items during the evening's travels. Make a list beforehand with designated items or places to look for, and include a few silly stunts to perform. Each item or task should be assigned a point value, with easy items being worth fewer points than the harder ones. Some suggestions include a street sign with the name of someone on the bus, a person walking more than one dog, or another limo. Stunts can include asking a stranger for directions to your present location, or singing a children's song out the bus window.

What's in Your Purse?

Before heading onto the limo bus, prepare a list of about 20 items that might be found in a lady's purse. Include some common items like gum or lipstick, as well as a few uncommon items, like a crayon or more than one paper clip. Assign points for each of the items, with uncommon items being worth more than everyday items. For instance, common items like nail polish or a barrette are worth one point, while uncommon items like a magnet or a sewing kit are worth two points. Throw in a few rare and unusual items, which might include a rock or a child's toy. Award points for the biggest purse, the smallest purse and the oddest item someone has in her purse. Tally up the points to see who has the most; that person wins the game.

I Never!

The bride-to-be starts the game by declaring "I never" and finishing the sentence with something she has never done. For example, "I never went on a blind date" or "I never sent a naughty text message." The partygoers who have done what the bride claims not to must sip their drinks. The maid of honor can go next, making her own "I never" declaration. The game and the laughs continue as long as you want. For a non-alcoholic version of the game, pass out a handful of chocolate kisses to each lady on the bus before starting. Instead of drinking, the guests who "never" pass one kiss to the person who made the "I never" statement.

What's in the Bag?

Find some unusual items and place each item in its own bag. Each bag is passed around the bus, and the women guess what the items are without looking into the bags. They can put their hand in the bag and feel the item, but they cannot peek. Guesses are written down and revealed after the bag has been passed to each player. Sex toys, a wrapped condom, an unwrapped condom and handcuffs are a few naughty items to include. Throw in some common items like a sponge, a lollipop or an eraser to throw the ladies off track.