How to Let Go When Children Move

All parents must deal with the harsh reality that someday their children are moving out of the family home. Whether they move to their own place, go away to college or get married, all children grow up and start their own lives. Read on to learn how to let go when children move.

Prepare in advance for your children to move. Recognize the emotional ties and give them permission to begin life as adults. Talk with other friends that have been through the experience of adult children leaving home.

Start a hobby. Involve yourself in something that is interesting. Quilting, sewing, crocheting or playing a sport are just a few things to occupy time. Pick up an old hobby or a new one, create a positive outlet to express sad emotions and sense of loss experienced when adult children move.

Keep busy for the first few months. Just sitting around in an empty house is depressing and delays the healing process. Join a support group or start a journal. List all the positive and benefits of the new situation.

Call children daily, at first, to check up on them. Gradually decrease the frequency of phone calls to only calling once a week. Knowing that your children are OK goes a long way toward letting go when your children move out.