Inexpensive Thank You Gift Ideas

When someone performs a task for you, it is polite to thank her for her help. Sometimes a simple thank you is just not enough, but an elaborate gift may be out of economic reach. Turn to inexpensive ways to say thank you that let the person know how much you really appreciate her help but does not break the bank. Gifts from the heart and not the pocketbook go farther toward cementing good relationships and providing real thanks for the help you received.


Give a picture of yourself or your family in a nice but inexpensive picture frame. For example, if you are thanking someone who helped in the care of your new baby, send a picture of the newborn complete with picture frame to show your thanks. If someone helped you move, send a picture of the new home all decorated with your things. You can even put a few pictures together in a slide show. Try online photo services to arrange the slide show and then email it to the person who helped you along with an online thank you card (see resources below).

Novelty Gifts

Choose a wall plaque with “thanks for your help” or something similar on it. Choose a coffee mug with the words “Thank you” engraved on it. Engraved pens or key chains make great thank you gifts. Everyone appreciates these items since they are useful besides just being a thank you gift.

Potted Plants

Check your local nursery for inexpensive potted plants such as cacti. Many times you can find a potted plant for an inexpensive price (often under $25), and if the person you want to thank has a green thumb, this is a good gift for him. Potted plants last a long time, which makes this a better choice then traditional cut flowers.

Homemade Baked Items

Home baked cookies, brownies or fudge make good, inexpensive thank you gifts. You can buy the ingredients you need for a few dollars (cost should be under $10) and then whip out a batch for the person you want to thank. Another idea is bake a cake and hand decorate it with “Thank You” or “You Are the Greatest” on it.

Gift Baskets

Choose a gift basket arrangement for under $30 (see resources below). Choose popcorn, candy, cookies or other assortments for your arrangement.

Make your own gift basket as a thank you gift. Buy an inexpensive basket and fill it with bath oil beads, perfume or other items that a person needs. They will appreciate your thank you and your thoughtfulness of preparing a gift of necessities.