Ideas for Wedding Themes for Renewing Vows

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Many couples choose to renew their vows after a hardship in their marriage or to celebrate a milestone anniversary, such as the 25th or 50th. No matter the reason, renewing your vows is a special occasion, and you should treat it as such. Choose a theme to help you during the planning process so that each aspect of your renewal flows together.


Consider a retro theme to recreate your wedding or celebrate the decade you were married in. If you were married in the '70s, wear a dress with a high collar and long sleeves with a long train, a tuxedo with big ruffles or another popular style during that time. Wear your original wedding dress or tux, if possible. Plan a disco-style reception. Ask guests to dress in clothes from that decade as well. If you're recreating your original wedding, use the same flowers, music, decorations and favors that you used the first time around.


Plan a fairytale theme for your renewal to signify your happily ever after or if you're planning the large wedding you didn't get to have the first time around. Wear a ball gown and white tie tuxedo, rent out a castle or fancy hotel ballroom, serve an elegant five- or seven-course sit-down dinner and give out fairytale-related favors, such as glass slippers filled with candy.

Location or Culture Specific

Celebrate a culture or location that's special to the two of you. Host a festive fiesta if you met on beach in Mexico or honeymooned there. Use a French theme if you're planning to go to Paris for your second honeymoon. Incorporate a Chinese theme if your first date was at a Chinese restaurant.

It Takes Two

Concentrate on the number two, as in the second time around, it takes two to tango (or make a thing go right), twice as nice or any other variation. Use two interlinked hearts, doves, butterflies or any other symbol that you both like. Couple everything in the wedding to keep up with the "two" theme. Favors could include two heart-shaped candies or a pair of something, such as a salt and pepper shaker or a pair of sandals for a beach wedding.

Your Celebration

Use the reason for your celebration as the theme. If you're renewing your vows for your 25th anniversary, use silver as the theme to signify your silver anniversary. Wear a silver gown or silver jewelry, incorporate silver decorations and give guests silver goodies as favors.

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