Ideas for Sunflowers at Bridal Showers

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Nothing says bright and cheerful like sunflowers. Their glowing yellow colors and exuberant size make them a jaunty decorative touch for a bridal shower. They are especially appropriate for a late summer or early fall shower, as this is when they bloom in abundance. Real sunflowers are easily available during that time of year, while artificial sunflowers can be found in discount or hobby stores year-round. There are many ways to use them as a theme for a bridal shower.


Place a single blossom floating in a clear class bowl or use tall narrow vases containing one or two cut sunflowers for centerpieces. For something splashier, fill a large bowl with citrus, such as lemons, oranges and limes, and tuck sunflower blooms among them or use a large basket filled with sunflower blooms and yellow and green apples. Crop a small photograph of the couple into a circle and glue to the center of a silk sunflower. Place it among the other flowers to add a personal touch.


Decorate a buffet table with a swag or garland of artificial sunflowers. You can purchase these already made, or make them yourself.

Accent the sunflowers by choosing plates, napkins and other dinnerware in bright yellow. Use a length of yellow gingham fabric as a tablecloth or table runner, centered with a long ribbon of dark brown. Make napkin rings by gluing a small silk sunflower bloom in the center of that same dark brown ribbon, and tying them around bright yellow bandannas for napkins.

Make seating cards by folding small rectangles of bright yellow card stock. Write the guest's name in the center and set it off with a small sunflower sticker in one corner.


Make a bouquet of sunflowers. Have the guests sit in a circle and play music as the bouquet is passed around. Stop the music suddenly; whoever is holding the bouquet at the time must tell an anecdote about the bride or groom.

Cut yellow card stock into large sunflower petals. Give guests a pen and a petal on which to write their wishes for the bride and groom. Collect the petals and glue them around the perimeter of a paper plate. Cut a circle of brown card stock and write the couple's names with a metallic marker; glue the brown circle to the center of the "flower" and present to the bride as a keepsake.

Food and Drink

Continue the theme by having food and beverages that incorporate the main colors of sunflowers: bright yellow, green and brown. Have pitchers of lemonade with slices of lime floating in them. Have a platter of bright yellow cheeses interspersed with dark brown miniature rye bread slices. Serve a green salad sprinkled with sunflower seeds for crunch.

Decorate cupcakes to look like sunflowers. Frost the tops with green. Sprinkle the centers of the cupcakes with miniature chocolate chips. Then pipe bright yellow petals around the outside edges. You could decorate a full-sized cake the same way.

Party Favors

Use packets of sunflower seeds as party favors. Decorate them by gluing a small artificial sunflower to one corner, and use a metallic pen or marker to write the couple's names and the date of the shower on the front of the packets. Another party favor idea would be to use miniature flower pots filled with miniature artificial sunflowers.