Ideas for Homemade Soccer Gifts

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When you have a friend or a child who is a soccer player, a soccer-themed gift offers something they can enjoy even during the off season. With a little effort, you can whip up a homemade gift to show your appreciation for your favorite soccer player.

Soccer Ball Piñata

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If you are headed to a birthday party of a soccer fan, bring along a soccer ball pinata to add to the fun. Make your own pinata with paper mache, newspaper and a round balloon, or purchase a pinata from a party supply store. Unlike typical pinatas, these are kicked to spill their contents, just like a real soccer ball.

Soccer Collage

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Using a piece of poster or foam board, create a collage your soccer fan will love. Start by printing or cutting out as many soccer pictures as you can find on the internet or in a magazine. Come up with a theme or a design scheme. Adhere the pictures with a glue stick or double-sided tape to your board. Print out lettering that says “Happy Birthday” or “Go (Team)” to go on top of your pictures.

Homemade Soccer Clothes

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If you have a high-quality printer or some painting supplies, you can turn a plain T-shirt, pair of shorts or socks into custom-made soccer clothes. Buy some iron-on paper and print out a team logo or a picture of a soccer ball to iron onto the clothes. Use a picture of the gift receiver playing soccer or a famous soccer player, and put that on the clothing.

Wild Card

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Any inexpensive item can be decorated with soccer memorabilia to turn it into a custom soccer gift. Take a plastic cup or wine glass and fill it with soccer-shaped candies and mini flags of the soccer fan’s favorite team. Add mini-soccer-ball key chains and mini foam soccer balls to a pair of inexpensive flip flops to customize them. Customize a blanket with printed soccer logos, or get soccer players to sign it. The more creative and fun you are with the design, the more fun the gift receiver will have getting it.

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