Ideas for Engraved Messages

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Engraved messages, no matter what items they are on, are meant to be special and have personal meaning. The message should strike a chord with the recipient. Not only should it have a reference to a specific memory or a feeling you are trying to express, but it should create an additional memory of giving as well.

A Quote from a Movie or Song

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Quotes from movies can stick with you. Certain lyrics can also resonate even if you are not sure why. In some cases, the written word can say a lot more than your speech can. If you are engraving an item such as an MP3 player, consider using a specific lyric or quote that is relevant to the recipient.

Simple Sentiment

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Seemingly simple phrases such as “I Love You” or “Always Yours” can have an enormous impact. You can put these phrases on almost anything from wedding rings to tombstones. It clearly expresses how you feel about that person without any extravagance. It is simple and expressive at the same time.

Important Dates

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Important dates, such as your wedding date, are short enough to engrave on almost anything but poignant enough to attach even more sentiment to the item. Other date ideas to use are the date you met your spouse, the date the recipient graduated from high school or the date someone was born.

Foreign Phrases

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Certain phrases can sound much more beautiful in another language than they do in your native tongue. If the recipient is especially proud of his or her nationality, it can be a nice gesture to do the engraving in the native language. For example, if he or she is Italian, you can articulate the phrase “My Love” by engraving “Amore Mio." It expresses how you feel and pays homage to the nationality as well.

Inside Jokes

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Many people share an inside joke with at least one other person. The joke can be something that only one other person would appreciate and other people would most likely not understand. Consider engraving the inside joke on the item intended for the recipient as an especially personal touch.