Ideas for Cute Birthday Cards for a Best Friend

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A birthday greeting is a great way to show your best friend just how much you care about her on her special day. Instead of swinging by the store and picking up a birthday card for the friend you hold closest to your heart, make her a one-of-a-kind greeting. By doing so, you can prove just how much you care and how important your friendship with her is to you.

Photo Collage

Make a birthday card reflective of the great times that you and your best friend have shared by creating a photo collage. Select images of you and him laughing together, enjoying a trip or just hanging out. Place these photos in overlapping collage style, gluing them down to cover the front of a card, or create a tile print of these pictures, placing them one right next to the other for a more carefully laid out look.

Top Ten List

Treat your best friend to a playful top 10 list on her birthday by creating a top 10 list card. Purchase a blank card featuring a plain front and add your own detail. Type up or hand write a top 10 list on a theme appropriate to your recipient. For example, you could write a list titled “Top 10 Reasons You Would Survive a Zombie Attack,” if your recipient is a particular fan of the undead and feature an assortment of humorous entries such as, “You would dazzle them with your wits” and “You are too old to still yield tasty and tender meat.” Add pictures that fit with the list you created to finish the card.

Paper Flower Bouquet

Create a three-dimensional birthday card to delight your friend. Craft a flower bouquet making origami flowers in your recipient's favorite hues. Attach each flower to a green pipe cleaner or piece of thick green paper. Using cardstock, cut out a vase shape and attach it to the front of a pre-made greeting card, gluing down the sides and bottom and leaving the top open. Slip your folded flowers into this paper vase, finishing your display. If you want to make the gift even more personal, write one reason why you love the recipient on each of the flowers.

Work-of-Art Card

Show your friend that he is a real work of art by making this the theme for your card. Select an art piece that your friend appreciates to place on the front of his card. Locate a copy of this piece and size it down to fit on the front of your card. Before you place the picture on your card front, use a picture of your friend's face to replace one of the faces in the piece of art, sizing the image as necessary, clipping around his head, and placing it in the piece. Write a message in which you state that your friend is a “work of art” on the card interior.