Ideas for Confirmation Gifts

Confirmation is an important spiritual event in the life of a young person. Giving a confirmation gift shows that you support them and are proud of their commitment. It also provides a special reminder of their faith.

What is Confirmation?

Confirmation is a tradition in both the Roman Catholic Church and the Anglican Church. In some traditions it is a sacrament similar to Baptism, and may consist of laying on of hands or anointing. In most Protestant churches, confirmation is a public profession of faith. Although it varies from church to church, confirmation generally takes place when a child is between eleven and sixteen years of age. A young person may take classes and study for confirmation, and then stand in front of the congregation, answer questions and seek approval by the elders of the church. A young person who is confirmed has shown that she understands her faith, and has made a public commitment to Christ.

What to Consider

When choosing a confirmation gift, remember that confirmation is about a spiritual commitment. It is often considered a rite of passage, when the child is becomes an adult in his faith. Being confirmed is not a goal or end, it is a beginning. After confirmation, a young person continues his spiritual journey with new understanding and deeper faith. Be aware of the specific denomination of the child and his age. But even if he is only eleven or twelve, bear in that confirmation is a step into adulthood.

For Him

For a young man, a personalized photo album is always a good choice, perhaps already containing one or two special pictures. A leather Bible cover is a classic choice, as are wooden items such as a wooden confirmation cross or notepad holder. Some boys may like t-shirts or ties with Christian representations.

For Her

Again, a personalized photo album is a great choice. A delicate cross necklace, an inspirational bracelet or other item of Christian jewelry can be a beautiful reminder of a girl's faith. Snow globes and music boxes that play inspirational songs are favorites as well.

For Anyone

A nice keepsake box--glass for her, wooden for him--is perfect for holding special items. A wall hanging with the Lord's Prayer or the 23rd Psalm can be an encouraging reminder of the confirmation day. Devotion books, books for continued study or an amplified or study Bible are great choices for a young person taking a new step on a journey of faith.