Ideas for a Three Year-Old Girl's Birthday Party

Many parents look forward to waving goodbye to the terrible twos. The third year in your child’s life brings with it many new changes. Your daughter will become more social, which makes throwing a party in her honor lots of fun. Here are some great ideas that will make your daughter’s party a success.

Party Themes for Girls

The first step is to pick a theme for your daughter’s party. At this age, your daughter has many personal preferences that can make selecting a theme easier. Consider using her favorite toys, movies or books for a theme. Other popular party themes for girls include ballet, ladybugs, tea parties and polka dots. Or look to your daughter’s favorite Disney princess or cartoon character for inspiration. Purchase decorations, balloons and party favors that match your party theme.


Your daughter’s party guests should be her established circle of friends from a playgroup or daycare. Spend precious quality time with your child by allowing her to help you create handmade party invitations. Create designs with colored pens, bright cardboard stock and glitter. Use colorful stickers that match your party theme. Be creative with ribbon, felt or lace. If you choose a princess party theme, request that your guests come in their fanciest royal attire. Or you can also purchase invitations that match your party theme.

Party Activities

Party activities at this age should include a few tables that offer different things. Set up a table that has different colors of play dough that your little guests can play with. Another table should have a large tray or a roasting pan that contains bubble mix and several wands. Hire a clown to do face painting. Another table should offer stickers, crayons and coloring books. At this age, it is best to allow the children to decide how long they want to participate in an activity.

Party Food

Although full of energy, three-year-olds usually don’t eat that much at birthday parties. Serve small bite-sized food that is easy to handle such as pink cookies or cupcakes. Consider serving mini hamburgers and hotdogs to your guests. Other popular food choices include mini sandwiches, chicken nuggets and sausage rolls. Allow the kids to munch on seedless grapes, cucumber slices or carrot sticks. Pouched fruit juices with straws work well for this age group.