How to Write Thank You Cards

Writing thank you cards is an acceptable way to show gratitude and thank you cards also show good manners. Sending thank you cards to anyone who has given you gift or has helped you in any way is also good etiquette.

Personalize each thank you card by writing the recipient's name inside the card. Write the thank you card recipient's name above any pre-printed message inside the card, and follow it with a comma. Write the name out about a third of the way down the inside right-hand side of the thank you card when using blank thank you cards and notes.

Thank the person for the specific gift that they gave you. Include the gift-giving occasion. It's good etiquette to be clear with the thank you card recipient. For example, write "Dear Aunt Mary, Thank you for the lovely teapot you sent me for my birthday." Also include a short sentence about how much you like it or how well it works. "We used it for the first time last week," for example.

Invite the recipient into your experience with the gift by including a short, one-sentence anecdote or fun fact about the gift. Mention to the recipient how useful the gift is, or how it came in useful at a specific occasion. Consider mentioning how much you like the gift, using the color or details about the style to show that you really do like the gift.

Show grace and gratitude by keeping what you write short and positive. The teapot may be your fourth teapot, or it may not be your style. Keep this information from making its way into the thank you card.

Write thank you cards to anyone who has helped you in a time of need. Thank them specifically for their act of kindness. By being specific, you show that you are truly sincere about the help, advice, or gift that the recipient gave to you.

End the thank you note with another thank you. Write "thanks again" or "thank you very much" before signing your name. Keeping with good manners, use neat handwriting to sign your name so that it is legible.

Address the thank you card by hand to further show how much you appreciate the gift. Remember to include a return address label. Write the return address yourself when no labels are available. Include a pretty or colorful stamp on the thank you card. Mail the thank you card within a few weeks of receiving the gift.