How to Wear Winter Hats Correctly

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During colder weather, a winter hat can be a stylish accessory in addition to keeping you warm. While there are plenty of winter-style hats, there are some style tips to help make sure you are wearing them correctly. Hats are suitable accessories throughout the year, but different styles are made for the changing seasons. Keep your warm winter hats for the cold only, and stay warm while looking stylish next time you go out.

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Determine your facial shape when choosing a winter hat. Just as sunglasses or another accessory complements your facial shape, so do hats. If you have a round or square facial shape, choose a hat that has a low profile and straight brim. For long faces, choose a low profile hat with a wide brim, and for oval faces, generally every style of hat works.

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Wear a hat that is the proper size. Wearing a hat too big or small can create a larger or smaller face proportion, which can be unflattering.

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Style your hair simply when wearing a winter hat. Cold damp air may cause hair to lose shape or frizz, so keeping it in a low ponytail or bun will keep your look sleek and put-together.

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Avoid beanie winter hats if you have curly hair that tends to frizz in damp weather. The beanie sits close to the head, which can make hair ends frizz up and out causing your hair to look unruly. The best type of hair to wear with beanies is long hair, to accent the tighter hat. Choose a solid color beanie to go with your wardrobe.

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Choose a warm material for winter hats. Wool knit hats keep the head warm, and still look stylish. Herringbone and tweed berets are also warm, stylish winter hat options. Fedoras in tweed and herringbone material are warm and stylish for locations that are only slightly cold during the winter months. Choose a warm pageboy cap made of tweed or velvet for your winter hat.