What Is Resort Elegant Dress?

Going on vacation is usually a fun and exciting time. If you are going to a beach resort, you can look forward to days by the water in a bathing suit, soaking up the sun. That's the beauty of vacation in a resort, the extreme casual dress code and mode of dress. However, many resorts ask that you dress in "Resort Elegant" in various areas such as restaurants and banquet facilities. While on its face, "Resort Elegant" might cause some packing stress, its actually an easy, very classy look.

What is Resort Elegant Dress?

In its most simplest terms, Resort Elegant dress refers to a style of dress one would find in an upscale setting at a beach resort or country club. For men, this usually means khaki pants, button-down collared shirts (possibly short sleeve) or polo shirts, and loafers or dress shoes. Men should not wear any kind of tennis shoes or sandal. For women, this dress code consists of a dress (usually a sundress or a dress of a light fabric). If you decide not to wear a dress, capri pants or longer shorts and a blouse are acceptable. Women can wear either a nice dress shoe or a dress sandal (Open-toe is perfectly all right for Resort Elegant) Since the atmosphere is usually relaxed, the clothing should feel like a very nice extension of that atmosphere.

Purchasing Resort Elegant wear

One good place to go for this Resort Elegant look is Tommy Bahama. The retailer has a good selection of island-inspired clothing that is of high quality. Tommy Bahama can be on the pricey side (an average shirt can run you $100). Tommy Bahama carries both men's and women's apparel, so it's a good place to begin.

What Types of Places and Functions Would you Wear Resort Elegant Clothes?

As resorts and hotels become more and more upscale, they are no longer accepting a casual dress code for everything. This is where Resort Elegant comes into play. Now, most of these upscale resorts have a fine dining restaurant that will not allow diners eat in a bathing suit and flip-flop sandals. The Resort Elegant dress code is the perfect compromise of nice dress in a casual resort atmosphere. Also, sometimes you will be invited to a nice social function, such as a wedding, at a beach-type resort. This is also the perfect place for Resort Elegant wear.


If you'd like to shop for more affordable clothing than Tommy Bahama offers, take a look at the Tommy Bahama website (www.tommybahama.com) to get an idea of the types and styles of Resort Elegant clothes. Then, take a trip out to your local mall. Most department stores have a section with this type of dress at more affordable prices.


Men should know that while khaki pants are everywhere, you CAN sport a pair of black pants, especially if you are going to be at the resort for a few days. Remember, what makes this dress code is the look, not necessarily the clothes themselves. As long as you maintain a casual, nice look, black pants can definitely be worn.