How to Use a Clarisonic Machine

by Samantha James ; Updated September 28, 2017

Clarisonic machines are skin-cleansing systems that use sonic oscillation to remove dirt, oil, dead skin and makeup from your skin, feet, body and pores. Their products are much like an electric toothbrush for the face and body and are touted as being more effective than manual cleansing yet still gentle to the skin. The benefits of using the, according to its manufacturer—Pacific Bioscience Laboratories—include the ability to remove up to six times as much makeup as regular cleansing, improved skin tone and a reduction in the appearance of pores. The Clarisonic product line -- which includes the MIA, MIA2, ARIA, PLUS, PEDI Sonic Foot Transformation, OPAL and PRO -- require only one minute to complete a full cycle.

Items you will need

  • Clarisonic machine
  • Eye makeup remover
  • Face wash
  • Sink or bowl of water
  • Towel

Clarisonic MIA, MIA2, ARIA or PLUS

Step 1

Charge your Clarisonic products for 24 hours before its first use. A fully charged machine will last 30 minutes before it requires recharging. A blinking green light on the back of the handle indicates that the system is charging, and a steady green light indicates that it is fully charged.

Step 2

Remove any eye makeup manually. The Clarisonic MIA, MIA2, ARIA or PLUS, should not be used on the delicate skin around the eyes.

Step 3

Apply your favorite face and body wash to your damp face and body, avoiding the eyes. You can use any type of cleanser except those with exfoliating beads or grit. They will not only clog the brush bristles but may also irritate your skin.

Step 4

Wet the Clarisonic MIA, MIA2, ARIA or PLUS' brush head. Ensuring that the brush and your face remain damp will minimize any irritation that could be caused by the brush's motion.

Step 5

Turn on the Clarisonic MIA, MIA2, ARIA or PLUS by depressing the button on the handle. You will hear a series of beeps and the brush head will begin to oscillate.

Step 6

Move the Clarisonic MIA, MIA2, ARIA or PLUS in a slow, circular motion over your forehead. Do not press too hard, as this can cause the brush to stop moving or be too harsh on your skin.

Step 7

Listen for two short beeps. This will let you know that it is time to move onto your nose and chin area. There will be two more sets of beeps after this, at which time you should cleanse each cheek area.

Step 8

Rinse your face thoroughly and pat it dry.

Step 9

Apply your usual lotion or treatment into your face or body. These products will absorb much better with clean skin and pores.

Clarisonic PEDI Sonic Foot Transformation

Step 1

Wet your feet with lukewarm water. Apply a quarter-size amount of body wash to the soles of your feet.

Step 2

Moisten the PEDI's buffing head brush with lukewarm water. Move the Clarisonic PEDI in a slow, circular motion on the bottom of your feet -- for a maximum of two minutes. Do not press too hard, as this can cause the brush to stop moving or be too harsh on your skin.

Step 3

Apply your usual lotion or treatment into your feet.


  • The Clarisonic is waterproof product and can be used in the bathtub or shower.


  • Change your brush head every three to four months and clean it thoroughly every week. A dirty brush head can transfer unpleasant bacteria to your face and undo your best cleansing efforts.

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