How to Turn Off Watch Chimes

To turn off watch chimes, you will have to press the correct button combination and hold until the watch alerts you that the chime has been eliminated. While different watches may require different combinations, the basic action is the same. You can experiment with different button combinations until you achieve the desired effect. With most watches, it is a two-button combination.

Press and hold the lower buttons on both side of the watch. With most sport watches, after holding the two lower buttons for several seconds, the screen will light up and alert you that the chime has been turned off.

Press both buttons on the right side of the watch if the above combination doesn’t work. Wait to make sure the chime icon disappears.

Repeat step 2 with the buttons on the left side of the watch if the buttons on the right side don’t work.

Try holding the buttons that are diagonal to each other, such as the top right and bottom left. If this combination doesn’t work, try the top left and bottom right.