How to Turn the Sound Off on Your Watch

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Digital and analog watches from a variety of manufacturers make beeping sounds on the hour and when watch buttons are pushed. Some people find regular watch chimes irritating, especially in quiet locations, because they draw unwanted attention from people nearby. Turning off your watch’s sound involves pressing some of the buttons around the edge of the bezel. Every watch model is different so exact instructions may vary.

Put the watch into alarm mode by tapping the "Mode" button on the side of your watch. Each time you press "Mode" a different function appears on the screen, stop when the alarm display appears. The location of the "Mode" button depends on your model of watch.

Press the watch button that toggles features on and off. The button is usually the same as the one used to toggle your daily alarm on or off. A small bell or "CH" icon disappears from the screen indicating the hourly chime is switched off.

Press "Mode" until the time display reappears. Your watch's hourly chimes are now switched off. Repeating these steps reactivates the sound and returns the bell or "CH" icon to the screen.