How Do I Adjust Suunto Core Brightness?

Thomas Northcut/Photodisc/Getty Images

A Suunto Core is a valuable tool for navigating the outdoors that helps keep you safe and on track while offering guidance to make the most of your journey. The Core provides an altimeter, barometer, compass and many other useful features. To utilize the features of this watch, the information must be readable. To reap the full benefits of a Suunto Core, make sure the contrast is set properly.

Push and hold all four outer buttons together (excluding the middle right button) to put the watch to sleep. If nothing happens, make sure you are in time mode. If you are viewing a function other than time, push the "Mode" button (right middle) until the time appears.

Press and hold the "Mode" button to wake the watch up. Immediately push and hold the "Start/Stop" button (top left) to enter a new menu.

Push the "Down" button (bottom right) to scroll down to the contrast option. Push the "Mode" button to select this option. Your current contrast setting will appear.

Press either the "Up" or "Down" button (top right or bottom right) to adjust your contrast setting. Push the "Mode" button to select and save your desired setting.

Press the "Start/Stop" button to return to time mode.