How to Track Family And Friends Online Through GPS

by Felix Ofiwe ; Updated September 29, 2017

Global Positioning Systems (GPS) have been around for only a few years and already they are changing the way we travel. Software developers are finding new ways to put them to use. Until recently if you wanted to track a friend’s movement, your only option was to follow them around or hire a private investigator. With GPS, that is changing. You can now easily track family and friends online through their GPS enabled cell phones.

Step 1

Get a GPS enabled mobile phone, PDA, Smartphone or Bluetooth enabled GPS receiver. Confirm with your cell phone service provider if your cell phone is GPS enabled. If not, get a cell phone that is equipped with GPS or get a Bluetooth enabled GPS receiver.

Step 2

Go to Buddyway’s website and register for the free service. Complete the short form and remember your username and password. You will not be able to log into your Buddyway account if you forget them. You will receive an email message from Buddyway confirming your registration. See Resources below for more information.

Step 3

Check your email and follow instructions in the email message from Buddyway to complete your registration. After confirming your registration, download the GPS tracking software to the cell phone, PDA, Smartphone or Bluetooth GPS receiver you want to track.

Step 4

Run the tracking software in the mobile phone, PDA, Smartphone or Bluetooth enabled GPS receiver you want to track to activate the system. This activates the cell phone number on Buddyway’s servers and the GPS information appears on their website.

Step 5

Log on to Buddyway’s website to track the location of the cell phone, PDA, Smartphone or Bluetooth GPS receiver free.

Items you will need

  • GPS enabled Cell phone
  • GPS enabled PDA or Smartphone
  • Bluetooth equipped GPS Receiver
  • Free GPS tracking software


  • Be sure to enter the correct telephone number you wish to track during registration. The tracking system won’t work if you enter the wrong telephone number.


  • It may be unlawful to use this or any other tracking system to track someone without a persons' knowledge or permission. Consult your attorney before tracking someone else without permission.

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