How to Throw a Small Wedding Party for a Second Wedding

Many couples that remarry choose to keep their second wedding small and simple, celebrating their marriage with only close friends and family members. Not only does this allow the bride and groom to have a more intimate wedding, but it also keeps costs down and simplifies the process of second-wedding planning. There are a variety of ways to throw a small wedding, while keeping the elegance and excitement of a large one.

Planning A Second Wedding

Announce your engagement to children and parents first, before making the news public to other relatives and friends. Children from previous marriages will likely need some time to become comfortable with the idea, and you should respect their feelings during this time. Once the children have accepted the idea, you can begin announcing your engagement to relatives and close friends. Since you are planning to keep the second wedding small, be sure to keep the guest list small as well. Although the size of your guest list will depend heavily on the size of your families, aim to invite only close relatives and friends. After the wedding, you can send out marriage announcements to anyone who did not receive an invitation.

Purchase a wedding dress that is simple and classic, rather than something extravagant. Since the wedding will be small, the bride should not be overdressed. Avoid a wedding dress with a long train; however, feel free to wear a veil during the wedding ceremony. The wedding dress should also match the environment in which the wedding will take place. For example, a wedding dress that is worn for a wedding in an elegant church may not work for a wedding held in someone’s home or backyard.

Determine the site of your wedding ceremony. If you intend to have a religious ceremony, you will need to speak with the church to determine the policies on second marriages. Other than churches, there are a variety of choices for second-wedding venues. Consider renting out a restaurant or small banquet hall for your wedding ceremony and receptions. Or, if you have a friend or relative with a large and beautiful home, consider having the wedding ceremony there. Destination weddings are also a popular choice for couples having a small second wedding.

Limit the number of people you include in your bridal party. A small wedding looks odd with a large bridal party, so it is important to keep the bridal party limited. Instead, choose only a best man and maid of honor to stand with you during the ceremony. Some couples even choose to eliminate the bridal party from their second wedding altogether, simply asking their children to stand with them during the ceremony.

Choose a small reception venue to easily fit your limited number of guests. Since the wedding will be small, it is not necessary to rent out a large banquet hall or reception area for the wedding reception. If you have already rented out a room in a restaurant or banquet facility for the ceremony, hold the reception there as well. The small guest list allows you to be creative when choosing a reception venue. You may choose to hold the reception in an art gallery, at an aquarium or at a park.