How to Throw a Great Dance Party

Photo Credit: Andrew C.

Hosting dance parties is fun, but does require some advance preparation. Guests are coming to dance, so selecting music most guests enjoy is important. Encourage people to dance by setting the mood with the right lighting and décor.

Choose a theme. Decide if the dance party will have a theme. This is not a requirement, but can be a guide for planning decorations, music and invitations. Select a theme based on the type of dance party you are hosting. Consider selecting colors to provide guidance in selecting invitations and decorations.

Secure a location. Choose a place that fits the theme. Think about renting a club, roller rink or banquet room. The location must have a large area for dancing. Look for a location that does not have carpet flooring, because this makes dancing difficult. For those on a budget, consider clearing out a space in your home or basement or hosting an outdoor dance party on a patio or rooftop. Ask friends for location suggestions and ideas.

Prepare for the dance party. Create and send invitations based on the theme or colors. Include important information such as date, time and place. Think about including a map or directions if guests are unfamiliar with the location. Consider hiring a DJ for a club or rave dance party. DJs have the latest hits, properly blend tracks for dance parties and come with equipment. If booking a DJ is out, update your music collection using iTunes. Transfer music to an MP3 player and ensure it plays on the sound system.

Decorate for the dance party. Most people are coming to dance, not admire the decorations. Lighting and sound are most important for a dance party. Check with the location for specifics on what they provide or have available. Try stringing Christmas lights, dimming existing lights or replacing regular bulbs with colored bulbs to create a mood. Consider using a smoke machine to give the effect of a dance club. Use with caution as too much smoke can cause coughing and irritate eyes.

Provide refreshments. A few beverages and light snacks are ideal for hosting a dance party. Consider pretzels, candies, nuts and crackers. Provide plenty of cold water and drinks so guests will not become dehydrated during the dance party.