How to Start a Baby Clothing Line

New parents love to buy clothes for their newborn babies. Clothing designers as wide-ranging as Nike, Carters and Baby Gap produce and sell hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of baby clothes every year. You can turn your ideas for a line of baby clothing into a reality and share in the financial rewards of a successful line.

Design your clothing line first. Do sketches of the entire line and create a portfolio. These sketches are what you will use to introduce your line of baby clothing to potential buyers or manufacturers.

Produce a sample of the clothing line. If you're good at sewing, doing this yourself will save you money. If you can't sew, you'll need to consider either paying someone to do it or finding a partner. You don't need to make one of everything in your line. A small sampling of the clothing line you can use as a calling card will suffice.

Decide whether to manufacture your baby clothing line yourself or to outsource the work. The upside of manufacturing the line yourself will be a bigger share of the profits. It will also mean handling all the business aspects involved with running a manufacturing plant. If you choose to outsource the work, there are manufacturing plants for hire that can manufacture your goods for a fee (see Resources).

Consider producing your line of baby clothes yourself, in limited quantity runs, until you get your business on its feet. Market your baby clothing line to local stores by calling the stores to set up an appointment for you to show your line. You could let the store sell your line of baby clothing on consignment and give the store a percentage of each sale. Achieving some measure of success in smaller local markets is a great way to entice bigger markets into looking at your line.

Expand your market by getting in touch with buyers at chain stores. You can contact them by phone or by writing a letter introducing yourself and explaining your line of clothing. If you contact them by mail, be sure to send samples of your baby clothing line. Most major chain stores have websites with contact information, so the best way to start is by writing a query email or calling to request a number where you can reach the store's buyer. Getting your line of clothing into a major store and achieving success there is a good way to build a name for your line.