How to Soften Your Lips for That Unforgettable Kiss


Kissing is a special act that is usually done with someone of significance. It is done with some affection and meaning so, it is good to have soft kissable lips. The kiss I an talking about is that sweet unforgettable kiss, the one that curls you toes and make the hair on your arm spike with excitement.

You want them soft and moist with no noticeable chap. Vaseline:Dab a little Vaseline all over your lips, heat a rag in some hot water then squeeze the water out and place rag on your lips. Let it remain for 1 minute, slog off dry skin gentle with the rag. Apply a thin layer of Vaseline and your ready for that kiss.

I know you have heard this at least a hundred times , but that's to let you know how important it is. Drink up your water, at least 8 glasses per day, it will keep the body hydrated and therefore your lips will be hydrated also. Just dab on some flavored lip gloss to make that unforgettable kiss even more special.

Vitamin E oil is great for lips that are chapped or cracked, it helps with the healing and also make the lips soft and moist. Burt's Bee for lips, this is a wonderful product. You'll have to try it to experience the goodness it does to the lips. Do not lick your lips as lip licking leads to dry chappy lips and that won't do for kissable kiss.

Stay away from chap stick they make your lips dry out. Never bite you lips, unless you are flirting, than do gentle. For instant pouty lips apply ice to lips for 30 seconds then apply lip gloss. Here's to smooth, moist kissable lips.