How to Size a Cowboy Hat

A hat can provide the crowning touch for a person's appearance. To that end, however, a hat must first be properly sized. Properly sizing a cowboy hat, in particular, is essential for the dignified hat-wearer.

Wrap a soft measuring tape (of the dressmaking or tailoring type) around the widest part of the head or wherever the hat will be worn. On most people, the tape will rest about three-quarters of an inch above the valley between the back of the ear and the side of the head and across the forehead.

Pull the tape snug and take a precise measurement of the circumference.

Round the measurement to the nearest eighth of an inch.

Locate the circumference on a hat chart and determine the corresponding hat size. Make sure to take into account the gender of the wearer.

Make sure to select a hat that corresponds to your head shape: long oval, oval or round. Individuals with long-oval heads usually find hats too tight on the front and back and simple-oval individuals might find that hats are too tight on the sides. Round heads are the most uncommon head type.