How to Sew Sequins & Rhinestones Into a Gown

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Rhinestones and sequins are sewing accents that can be added onto any type of clothing, including formal wear such as gowns. Rhinestones and sequins add a touch of sparkle and shine to any piece of clothing, and can be applied to nearly any type of fabric. When shopping for rhinestones and sequins to accent a gown, it's important to keep in mind the overall color and aesthetic of the gown, so as to keep a unified style.

Lay out your rhinestone and sequin design on your gown. Use a marking pencil to mark the spots where you would like to place the rhinestones and sequins. Keep in mind that depending on the shape, some rhinestones, such as teardrops or ovals, will hang lower and be less static than sequins. You may want to lightly glue or tape on the sequins and rhinestones to keep them in place as you sew.

Thread your needle. Use appropriately colored thread that will blend in with the color of the sequin or rhinestone. Ideally, thread should also blend in with the color of the gown.

Knot your thread, then make one stitch through your gown fabric where you want to place the sequin. With your sewing needle on the top side of the fabric, thread the sequin on until it sits flush against the fabric, and then follow it with a small bead. Make a loop around the bead, and pass your sewing needle through the hole in the sequin, coming out on the inside of the gown. Tie off your thread when finished, or move on to the next sequin.

Knot a new piece of thread, and pierce the gown from the underside, passing the thread through the first hole in the rhinestone. Thread the needle through the second hole, and continue until the rhinestone is securely attached. Tie off your thread on the inside of the gown. Some rhinestones are backed in foil that will need to be pierced by your needle when sewing them on. Some rhinestones, such as teardrops, have holes at the top and can be sewn on by passing the needle through the hole multiple times to create a secure connection.

Continue this process until all the sequins and rhinestones have been securely sewn into your gown. Trim any loose or hanging thread.