How to Reuse or Recycle Mylar Balloons

Party time? Don't just throw away those Mylar balloons from birthdays or other celebrations. Reuse them or recycle them into something totally new.

Cut and separate the front and back of the Mylar balloon.

Cut or shred the front and back pieces into small ribbons.

Use the straight edge of the scissors to curl the ribbons to decorate gift boxes or bags.

If you don't want to curl the Mylar ribbons you can use them as basket filler or gift bag filler.

You can also use a Mylar balloon to make confetti. Simply use a hole punch to punch holes in the balloon.

You can also turn your Mylar balloon into a gift bag. Start by cutting a straight line across the top of the balloon about 1/2 inch from the very top.

Place your gift inside the balloon bag.

Gather the top of the balloon.

Tie the top together with a ribbon.