How to Restring Pearls

How to Restring Pearls. How frequently you wear your pearls will determine how often you have to restring them. Dirt and grease get in between the pearl beads and onto the thread. This can eventually weaken and break the thread if you don't restring the pearls often enough.

Wash your hands before you begin. You do not want to discolor the string as you put the pearls back on. It is easier to handle the pearls with clean hands.

Gather all the necessary equipment together before beginning to restring the pearls. You can lose pearls and it is easier to knot the string with all items ready and available beforehand.

Cut a 10-inch length of string. Separate the silk into four strands. One strand is put through the needle and tied into a knot to make a loop. Then use another piece of silk string to make the actual string for the necklace. Double it over and put the loop from this through the 10-inch loop piece. This longer silk string piece is actually the string the pearls are attached to.

Cut off one of the clasp ends and loop the thread around it. Then thread it through the clasp hole and back through the hole in the thread.

Remove the pearls from the old string. If they are tied together you will need to cut them off as you move them to the new necklace. If they are not tied together, be very careful not to let them come off too fast or you might lose some. Keep them in the same order on the new string as the old.

Place all the pearls onto the new string.

Remove the needle from the string and double knot the end so the pearls do not come off.

Tie a knot to the pearl closest to the clasp. Repeat knot tying with the rest of the pearls on the entire necklace. This will put a knot in between each pearl so they don't rub together.

Thread the other end with a clasp and double knot it. Use the lighter on the loose ends by gently holding the lighter flame to each end. Let it burn the loose string end very, very briefly. This will melt the string and the necklace will not come undone.