How to Reset Zeno Acne Treatment Device

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The Zeno blemish clearing device is a unique acne treatment product that uses heat to kill the bacteria that cause acne. The metal tip of the product is applied to a skin blemish and the product emits a beeping sound when it is time to remove the tip from the skin. The Zeno device tracks the number of treatments and when the number reaches 80, the cartridge stops working and must be replaced. Resetting the device prior to the cartridge expiration can extend the life of the cartridge.

Turn on the Zeno acne device and find the "Life Indicator" lights located either on the left side or center of the device. The position varies depending on the model of Zeno. When only one "Life Indicator" light is lit, it is time to reset the device.

Turn off the Zeno and allow it to cool down completely.

Place one hand securely around the body of the Zeno device.

Place the other hand over the very top of the device, which is where the metal tip is located.

Pull up on the tip to separate it from the body of the Zeno device.

Wait at least 30 seconds.

Replace the Zeno tip onto the body of the device and push down until you hear an audible click.

Turn the Zeno device back on and look at the "Life Indicator" lights. There will be more than one light lit, indicating that the device has been reset and additional uses have been added.