How to Repair a Tag Heuer

wrist watch closeup image by Akhilesh Sharma from

Tag Heuer is a Swiss luxury brand of watches that has been around since 1860. The watch company has won many awards for its innovation and design. Depending on when the watch was purchased, the company has a two-year international warranty policy. The will company will repair and is responsible for any defects in the watch within two years of purchase. Send the watch to company within the warranty period to have them repair or replace the defected watch. However, if damage has been done after two years, the manufacturer cannot replace or repair the watch without any fees.

Test the battery on the watch. Make sure the battery is not old before checking on any other defects. Most problems can be solved with a battery replacement.

Look for a defect on the external part of the watch. If defects are on the outside, such as the rim or links on the wrist, local jewelry stores may carry the extra parts and assemble or replace the defect at a small cost.

Check if the clock parts under the glass are defective. This type of repair may be a little more costly and require the attention of a specialized Tag Heuer repair person. Costs can range from $20 to $90, depending on the parts.

Send the watch to Tag Heuer repair for extensive damages. Go to the company website (see Resources). Fill out the online repair request form. You will be asked for personal information, the watch details, and processing information. Follow directions given in order to send your watch for repair to Tag Heuer.