How to Repair a Seiko Automatic Watch

by Riya Aarini ; Updated September 28, 2017

Periodicaly, have your Seiko watch checked for worn parts or lubrication needs.

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Seiko automatic watch intricacies make a do-it-yourself job difficult. The high cost, upscale features and innovative technology of luxury Seiko watches pointedly indicate that a professional is best suited to handle repairs of any type.

Seiko has been in existence since 1881. The company started with producing clocks, moved on to creating pocket watches and finally perfected wristwatches. Seiko has won 11 international awards between 1968 and 2008 that signify the company’s dedication to producing quality timepieces.

Contact your Seiko Authorized Service Center or a Seiko-appointed dealer and ask for service. Or, find an independent watch repair shop that fixes the watch model that you own. Many watch companies have an online presence and can be contacted via the Internet.

Call the watch repair shop to indicate the problem. Or, fill out an online repair form on a watch repair service’s website. You will need to indicate the model of your Seiko automatic watch, the number on the back of the watch, case material (gold, silver or other material), the date the watch was last serviced, if your watch is water resistant, the age of your watch and the type of watch (gender, automatic chronograph or other attributes). Also inform the company of the faults or why the watch needs to be serviced.

Ship your Seiko watch to the watch repair service shop using a sturdy shipping box, or if you live close by, personally drop it off. Either way, you will receive an estimate to fix the watch. Should you decide to accept the estimate and provide payment, the watch repair shop will begin work on your Seiko automatic. Turnaround time differs between repair shops, but expect anywhere from one to two weeks. Once the watch functions perfectly, the watch repair company will return the watch to you.

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