How to Repair a Leather Shoe Sole With Glue

Kraig Scarbinsky/Lifesize/Getty Images

The sole of a shoe can pull away from the insole for a variety of reasons, including general wear, difficult or inclement weather and poor shoe care. This, however, does not mean the shoe has to be thrown away. In many cases, the sole of a shoe will require repair long before the shoe truly needs to be replaced. The repair of a leather shoe sole is a simple process that can be done at home with a few simple steps.

Clean the space between the shoe and the sole of the shoe thoroughly with soap and water, using a clean cloth to remove any debris, gravel and dirt.

Sand the area to remove any dried glue that exists to create a smooth surface. Glue remnants must be removed from the inside of the sole and bottom of the shoe in order for the new glue to stick evenly.

Clean the area you sanded with soap and water to get rid of excess dust from the sandpaper. Dry the space with a clean, dry cloth.

Apply Shoe Goo to the inner portion of the sole that is visible in a wave pattern from front to back across the entire length of the pulled away section of the sole.

Push the sole against the bottom of the shoe and smooth across from back to front.

Place a C-clamp on the top of the shoe to the sole to keep the two pieces together while the glue dries.

Clean off any glue that has seeped from the sides with a damp cloth.

Place the shoe in a warm, dry space for 3 hours while the glue adheres.

Remove the C-clamp and allow the shoe to dry for an additional 24 hours before wearing.

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