How to Rent a Suit

Benis Arapovic/Hemera/Getty Images

Whether it is for a big interview, funeral, party, wedding or other special occasion, as long as you think ahead, renting a suit can be as easy as renting a tux. You can do either at the same stores, generally using the same process.

At a Shop

Find a formal wear store near you that also rents suits. Not all do. Pick out the style you want and get measured by an expert at fitting. You may need to rent shoes, too, and possibly buy the accessories to ensure that everything matches. Do this at least 30 days before your event, or you may have to pay a rush fee. The suit will usually be ready two or three days before your event. When you pick it up, try it on at the store, so employees can make any necessary alterations.

Online Suit Rental

If no suit-rental shop is located in your town, try an online suit-rental site. Measure yourself or go to a men's store to be measured, and provide your sizes to the site 30 days in advance. Black Tux, for example, will ship your suit to you seven days before your event. If something doesn't fit, the company will either send you a replacement or pay up to $15 to have the suit altered, at the time of publication. You mail the suit back the next business day in the box in which it arrived.