How to Put Together a Care Package for Your Long-Distance Bestie


“Absence makes the heart grow fonder” is a sentiment that only a pair of best friends can truly understand. Even though life can take either of you to near or faraway places, you and your bestie have a bond that distance can’t even break. When you’re especially missing her, you can put together and mail a care package of fun goodies. Getting personalized mail will make her day, and you'll have a good time creating and customizing DIY projects that you know she’ll enjoy. Here are 10 steps to building the greatest care package ever.

Step 1: Something Tote-ally Useful

Your bestie is probably one of the busiest ladies you know, so she’ll love a handmade tote bag that she can grab and go. It’s chicer than a reusable plastic version, and she can use it to carry groceries, work projects or her school books.

Beth Huntington

Step 2: DIY Cute Clothing

With warm weather upon us, your bestie could use some sunny wardrobe staples. Find a pair of jeans at the thrift store, cut off the legs and make a pair of shorts she’ll spend the summer in. Bonus: if you both wear the same size, you can have your own Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

Gabe Liesemeyer

Step 3: An Aww-Worthy Photo Project

A framed photo is nice, but if you know she already has tons, you have to get creative. Find your favorite photos together and DIY a few tile photo coasters for her coffee table and kitchen. This is a great way to use all of the silly Snapchats you’ve saved, or the #tbt shots you love.

Bethany DeVore

Step 4: Something That’ll Make Her Laugh

If you’ve been besties for a while, you probably have countless inside jokes and catchphrases. Pick your favorite and burn it into a wooden sign. Don’t worry about your woodworking skills — all you need is the piece of wood, a wood-burning tool, sealant and some hardware.

Carrie Waller

Step 5: Step Up Your Matching Game

Take your friendship bracelet game to the next level with matching faux leather cuffs. Think about your bestie’s style, and pick the leather color and beads accordingly. They’re much more stylish and grown-up than the pony bead variety.

Beth Barden

Step 6: Give Her a Treat Yo’Self Night

When you text or talk on the phone and she mentions that she needs a vacation, send her at-home spa treats likes these moisturizing body butter bars. You can put them together over the course of a weekend, and have them in the mail on Monday.

How to Make Body Butter Bars

Step 7: Bring Back Snail Mail

Pick up some eraser clay from your local craft store, and spend an afternoon crafting handmade erasers. Throw in some cards and stamps to get a snail mail train going. What’s better than getting a handwritten letter from your bestie?

Kersey Campbell

Step 8: A Sweet Gesture

Buy a few bags of her favorite candy to tuck in amongst your other care package items. For the finishing touch, put pieces in these adorable watermelon mini-pinatas. When she breaks them open, she’ll be sweetly surprised.

Gillian Ellis

Step 9: Drop a Hint for a Visit

If you’re nudging her to come for a visit soon, these DIY luggage tags will help you out. You can even attach a short note to tell her to use them on her next trip — it’ll do the trick. With any leftover leather, you can also craft an accompanying keychain using the same techniques.

Sara Budisantoso

Step 10: Put Everything Together

After you’ve finished your care package, you can add in some fun confetti for extra flair. When your bestie opens her mail, she’ll appreciate the time and effort you took to show her how much you care. The distance can’t and won’t stop you from being friends forever.

Gillian Ellis