How to Plan an Adult's Birthday on a Budget

How to Plan an Adult's Birthday on a Budget. Having an adult's birthday party is a great way to celebrate being another year older and hopefully wiser. Adult birthday parties are fun and they don't have to cost a fortune. Although you cannot put out a tray of cupcakes and goodie bags and have your guests squeal with delight like kids would. There are ways to throw an adults birthday party on a budget and still have a great time.

Plan out how much you can spend and stick with it. Plan the guest list and location accordingly. Write down all the categories you will be spending on such as food, drink, decorations, entertainment and invitations. Prioritize your spending. If an elaborate cake is a must, limit spending on something else like decorations.

Buy supplies at a discount store or a warehouse. Borrow what items you can from friends. Take a look around your house before you go out and purchase something. You may have something in your house that would work perfectly.

Use paper lanterns or tiki torches to create ambiance. They are nicer than balloons for adults and can be reused for another party in the future.

Decorate with pictures. Put photos of the guest of honor on display. Try to find photos from childhood throughout adulthood. Get various size enlargements made.

Select plain white paper tablecloths. Ask guests to write a favorite memory of the guest of honor, or a birthday message. Having an adult's birthday party on a budget means using something simple that still is pretty, like a floating candle for the centerpieces.

Limit the alcohol. Instead of spending money on a full bar, just serve soft drinks or punch. Another option is skipping the fancy mixed drinks. Instead serve beer and wine.

Make your own invitations. Select a picture of the guest of honor from their childhood and a current photo. Use the silliest adult photo you can find. Scan them on a computer, or use a copy machine. Print them out so the baby picture is on the front with a caption like "Look who's 40." Open the card to find the adult photo. Office supply stores sell paper specifically to make invitations with.