How to Open the Back of a Croton Watch

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Founded in 1878 in the Italian town of Croton, Croton watches combine Italian style with Swiss watch movement. Croton watches are known for high quality at an affordable price. Currently owned by Nationwide Time, popular Croton models include the Reliance, Diver and Manhattan. Opening the back of a quality watch can be a tedious process, as they are secured tightly to keep out dust and water. Croton watch backs, as with most quality watches, are either screw-off or pressure-fit. With the proper tools, Croton watch backs can be opened, allowing battery changes and repairs.

Screw-Off Watch Backs

Determine if the Croton watch has a screw-off watch back. Screw-off watch backs, commonly used on waterproof watches, have three notches around the edge. This watch type requires a master waterproof case opener with different bits to fit various notch sizes. Master waterproof case openers are available online.

Place the proper bits into the case opener. Size up the proper bits to the notches, then mount them into the case opener.

Open the watch back. Align each bit into the notches and turn the wrench counterclockwise until the Croton watch back is opened.

Pressure-Fit Watch Backs

Find the notch. Pressure-fit watch backs have a single notch around the watch's back edge, designed for a Swiss watch case opener. The rest of the watch back is normally smooth.

Insert a 4-inch Swiss watch case opener into the notch and begin to gently pry the watch back off.

Continue prying until the watch back is removed. As the back begins to loosen, you can move the tool to the opposite side to pry the back off evenly.